Monday, February 26, 2007

From the desk of an HR guy--Part 2

The other day P told me that he was asked by his HR department to submit his job description and two references after he was working for almost two years. Also when he wished to know about the car leasing rules they had no idea and once organized an offsite where all HR guys sat in a gang and drank while the employees were left to themselves! He works on highly intellectual stuff for 12-14 hours a day and has no fitness/entertainment zones at work. His friend D told me that line HR discussed his manager’s development areas and the solution thus provided by HR in an open forum. Also when D wished to check one of his team member’s exit formalities, he was quizzed on compensation and while he answered on the negative, he was shown the entire confidential report of the employee in question at the click of a button while doling out expert advice.
Mind you, my friends P and D are from the best institutes of the country, have the best brains and work for the ‘dream come true’ investment bankers!

Does it mean that HR survives on a false sense of acquired power?
Does it mean HR is unprofessional and unethical?
Where did the ‘healer’, the ‘employee champion’ and the ‘strategic partner’ vanish amidst all this?

No wonder HR is a bad word in everybody’s lexicon…

D has some observations on this A student gets acquainted to the HR professionals during internships when they are treated like ignorant no-bodies, the attitude being “here I make or break your future!” During the final placement, the situation is no different, it seems! Questions stinking of ignorance are doled out and decisions made.

No wonder for years I have wondered why people think HR is relegated to hiring alone! And why often people pass an under the breath “HR must be kept in good humor”?

Does it really make it meaningless for believers like us who with all faith, thought and deed are here to make a difference?

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