Friday, July 27, 2007

Hire me, if you can!

[Photo courtesy: Fortune]

We have been facing an utter talent crunch when we go looking for our organization. And the ailments seem to be applicable for people across the industries, levels and background. However our experience is the worst with the booming IT product and services sectors.
Candidates are unprofessional and unscrupulous. They do not think twice about misusing air tickets issued to them to travel for interviews, lie about their references, background and credentials and worst of all go back on all kinds of commitment.
Given that our economy is booming, there is a huge demand for talent (irrespective of quality and values). As a start-up not only do we have to pay astronomical prices for sub-standard talent, most of our efforts in search and closure, go down the drain.
My colleagues in recruitment have no answers and are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to gather prospective employees. They seem to be constantly bettered at their own game!

I regularly interact and spend at least a day with fresher recruits during our three-four week rigorous induction program. There is so much promise in them (we, of course, pick up the best), spunk in their ideas and excitement that it is very easy to get lit up and I enjoy it thoroughly. From them, I try to understand what drives them and this is what I found
It is money for everything. They come at a price and wouldn’t mind waiting and buying time if the best price doesn’t come by. Anyway they are spoilt for choice and do not have financial responsibilities like the previous generation. Most of their parents are still working or have retired rich.
They are smart and even though they do not have work experience, they are uber-cool and confident and the employers better keep their minds well engaged, otherwise they will pack their bags.
They’d rather be kept in good music. Good entertainment, plush office, infrastructure, flashy pay-offs and a lot of expensive socialization and vacations are a must.
They do not think much of completing assignments and sticking on for the sake of their team for as less as even a couple of weeks. It is impossible to think of a three year stint, at least a year? They require a lot of reasons to commit that too. Most of them want to start off on their own.
Surprisingly, their parents are much involved in every choice they make. We often get calls from parents checking every detail about company background, work profile and benefits beyond pay.
They can never be told that they are wrong or can improve. Self esteem is in and that’s the final word.

All in all, I can tell you that today’s twenty-somethings are the most high-maintenance workforce that we have ever encountered

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