Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Are you better than your boss?

A lot of Performance and Talent Management blogs that I read have been talking about this Executive Quiz by Korn Ferry International (one of the largest recruiting and outsourcing firms in the world).
I assume you will use the link to read up on the survey results.
Here I have a few observations on the results

Employees are impatient these days. They want to jump on to the golden treadmill, get running and retire rich very early. There is a sea of opportunity waiting there to be converted. Hence a big feeling of being unemployed

A corollary from the above is that everyone wants the boss’s job as fast as can be.

Also companies are facing real talent crunch as they charter new territories and cultures. As a result a lot of them have to compromise on the occupants of the leadership positions. Once upon a time, that was true for new economy companies; today it is true for everyone.

The results of the ‘trust in boss’ factor is quite interesting. About 35% have mentioned that they do not trust their boss enough. That is also because
1. Employees are extremely competitive and goes well with their aiming specific jobs in a specific time frame
2. The uncertainties related to the modern world where you either shape up or just die

Also, ego and self image plays a huge role in self assessment reports. One needs to factor that part in this study as well.

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homer said...

Great observation. Do you think this generation will influence work culture so much that permanent employees would cease to exist, every thing would be contract work ?

I'm trying to hire junior developers in Bangalore and am getting them at the same price as 5 year experienced people ! There's no rationale for why they are demanding so much.